Continued student instruction:

As we continue to plan for instruction during the school closure period, please complete the survey to help us get an understanding of your current situation and needs regarding internet access and technology available in your home and for your children.


Clink the link below to complete our survey:

Family Survey on Internet Access and Technology



Home Learning Resources for Students & Families

General sites:

Brain Pop (Teachers and families have access to a free subscription for 30 days with extensions through the school closure timeframe). Videos and activities explain concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Story time from Space: it is actual astronauts reading stories for kids from space!

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips

Google Arts & Culture


English Language Arts:

Story Line Online: Listen to stories online

News Ela: Read current event articles at your reading level and check comprehension through short quizzes

Scholastic: Take advantage of 20 days of free learning journeys from Scholastic.

Khan Academy: They have partnered with Walt Disney to create engaging lessons and interactive activities to ensure continued learning for your child

Fly Leaf: This website supports early reading instruction for emerging and novice readers.


Math sites:

You Cubed: Resource with math fact fluency research and games that aid in memorization.

Khan Academy: Remediation support and on grade support. These lessons align with the engageNY modules.

Pearson: Math games and centers

Math expressions online resource: Challenge activities and visual supports


Social Studies sites:

Scholastic: Scholastic At-Home learning materials

PBS: Mixed media resources for K-6, US History, World History, Civics and Government, and Geography


Science sites:

Exploratorium Digital Resources: Tools to spark curiosity, exploration, and understanding…check out the “Science Snacks!”

Mystery Science: Relevant, interesting storylines for students to investigate; includes digital information and simple activities that can be conducted at home.

Time for Kids: Free digital library with a combination of Science and Social Studies topics to explore.



Word of the Week Review!

Parents, Please have your students teach you the meaning of these words. Ask them to use the words in a sentence.


Download our word of the week handout here:

Word of the Week Vocabulary worksheet



Definition: identify ways that they are the same

Sentence Example: Compare the authors purpose in these two texts.

Synonyms: associate, connect, link



Definition: identify ways that they are different

Sentence Example: Contrast the traits between the two main characters.

Synonyms: discriminate, differentiate, different



Definition: add or include something

Sentence Example: Incorporate a new member into the classroom by inviting them to participate in activities.

Synonyms: include, integrate, take in



Definition: bring something into being or existence

Sentence Example: Please generate some questions to ask the guest speaker.

Synonyms: create, develop, produce



Definition: explain what something means very clearly and specifically

Sentence Example: Define the word so that you group members understand the meaning.

Synonyms: explain, interpret, describe



Definition: decide if it is good or bad/right or wrong

Sentence Example: Evaluate your evidence use to support that answer.

Synonyms: critique, assess, judge



Definition: the two things are connected or related in some way

Sentence Example: When learning to read we associate sounds with printed letters on a page.

Synonyms: compare, connect, relate



Definition: you build it by putting separate parts together

Definition: you build it by putting separate parts together

Synonyms: compose, build, generate


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