School Director and Staff

  Sara J. Castner, School Director

Ms. Castner grew up south of Rochester and currently lives in Rochester.   Ms. Castner taught pre-school through 12th grades in a variety of settings for 15 years prior to coming to DCS. Ms. Castner came to Discovery as an Intervention Specialist and Special Education Consultant Teacher in Discovery’s second year then moved into the role of Primary Dean and then Assistant Director.  Ms. Castner is excited and proud to be in the role of School Director.

Ms. Castner is a child centered leader that prioritizes high expectations for all.  She will push to provide academic experiences for our students that are rigorous, relevant, and help them build relationships while making real-world connections.  As the School Director, it is important to Ms. Castner that everyone who steps through the doors-teachers, students and parents-are excited to be a part of our DCS family!  This attitude enables everyone to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive, fun, and nurturing environment. Ms. Castner is passionate about the success of all DCS students.

Ms. Castner holds an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and Special Education from St. John Fisher College; a master’s degree in Advanced Special Education K-12 from Grand Canyon University, and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from SUNY Brockport College.


Matt Bradstreet, Assistant Director

Mr. Bradstreet grew up in the Rochester area and has been working in Rochester area schools since 2001.  He has been at Discovery since 2013 as the Dean of Students, Technology Teacher, and Data Coordinator.  Mr. Bradstreet is now proud to be the Assistant School Director.


Mr. Bradstreet believes that children learn the best in an environment that is caring and supportive with high standards and expectations.  He also believes that schools need to collaborate with families and the community in order to support students.  Mr. Bradstreet loves the way that Discovery puts students and their needs first and strives to provide them with the best education possible.  


Mr. Bradstreet holds an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from SUNY Fredonia and a Master’s degree in Literacy from St. John Fisher.  


Staff Directory

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Instructional Leadership Team

Kaleigh Jacobson – Student Services Coordinator

Ciomarda Diaz – ELA Curriculum Coordinator

Justin Schultz – Math Curriculum Coordinator

Social Emotional Learning Team

Rita Nilsson – Social Worker

Elizabeth Hughes – Behavior Specialist

Justin Nilsson – Primary Project/SEL Intervention

John Coley – SEL Intervention

Building Operations

Anne Culver – Finance/HR Manager

Katina Sault – Attendance Coordinator

Kayla Williams – Enrollment Coordinator

Katiria Velez – Food Service

Marisol Cartagena – Food Service


Kindergarten Team


Malasia Mathis

Esha Williams

Keyline Caraballo

Jenette Ortega

Chelise Manning

Dana Blount

First Grade Team

Imani Coley

Tylasia Weaver

Hannah Aroune

Dori Beckford

Luzgenis Marlin

Second Grade Team

Sarah Begley-Blount

Jenna Matthews

Anna Sonner

Alison Deacon

Obreanna McCullough

Keyonna Yeneralo

Third Grade Team

Michelle Mousseau

Marissa Maxwell

Angel Gage

Christopher Marnell

Fourth Grade Team

Kayleigh Pellittieri

Audrey Bradstreet

Schellera Murrell

Zerina Panton

Fifth Grade Team

Katy Weber

Melissa Gaspard

Tito Davis

Sydney Ginther

Sixth Grade Team

Maria LaPietra

Nicole Bouchard

Emma Hartzell

Ember Rubacka – Class Advisor

Encores Team

Alyssa Marchand – Visual Arts

Carrie Franklin – Visual Arts

Logan Smith – Instrumental and Voice Coach

Julie Bruce – Physical Education

John McCarty – Physical Education Apprentice Teacher

Kylee Fiore – Science & Technology

Academic Support Team

Courtney Spaulding – Intervention Teacher

Jeff Perrigo – Intervention Teacher

Khadigeh Albaram – ENL Teacher

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