Students have been busy in art class creating beautiful masterpieces! Discovery is very proud to display this work in our school. Families can get a glimpse of the artwork on  where the students’ electronic art portfolios are visible. Also visit to see what we have been doing in art class!  The staff love reading all the wonderful comments that have been posted on the children’s artwork! Please check back often, and if you have not already been on the websites, please check them out soon!

Currently students are working hard on their expedition products in art class.

5th graders recently completed logo designs that communicate the need for conservation of the rainforests. Their logos will be featured on re-usable bags to help get their message heard!

4th grade students have recently completed their watercolor landscape paintings of the Genesee River. Photos of these paintings will be used to help raise awareness of the need for upkeep of Turning Point Park.

3rd graders are beginning their own landscapes of countries from around the world. Each landscape represents a person from that country that has shown courage. For example, a student painting a landscape of Pakistan will also be studying Malala Yousafzai in their classroom.

Students in 2nd grade are currently learning about rural, suburban and urban communities. In art class they will look and cityscapes by collage artist Romare Bearden. They will create their own collage style art of the rural, suburban and urban places they study.

1st graders are learning how to critique artwork and have looked at still life paintings by many artists. They are now making their own still life drawings of the fruit or vegetable that they are becoming an expert on in their classroom! Their drawings will be featured in their fruit and vegetable recipe book as well!

Kindergarteners just completed letters monsters in which they used letters of the alphabet to create silly monsters. They are using shapes, lines and colors in new ways everyday in art class!

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