Making Musical Superheroes at DCS

Students are making all kinds of beautiful music in the music room! Parents and families are always welcome to come and sing and play!  In fact, if you would like to sing for us or play us a song on an instrument, come on in!

5th graders learned about the life and music of Ludwig Von Beethoven.  They played a section of his famous ninth symphony on the xylophones and conducted to the fifth symphony.  They also have been practicing reading and writing four beat rhythm patterns.  This will come in handy when they start composing their own music later this year!

4th grade students learned how to sing and play the Song “Jump Back, Sally” and had fun accompanying themselves on drums and xylophones to the song.  These students have also begun reading and writing musical rhythm patterns like their fifth grade friends.

3rd graders are starting their work on recorder.  This instrument is a beginning woodwind instrument.  They can play three notes now and are growing a list of songs that they know how to play!

Students in 2nd grade will begin studying the families of the orchestra in January.  With help from the talented Mrs. Michaels, they will fashion a shaker instrument and then play tunes with the instrument they have made in the music room.

1st graders are learning how to be musical listeners.  They are able to talk about the dynamics (loud and soft), the tempo (fast or slow), and the instrumentation of the music we listen to.

Kindergarteners are able to sing many different tunes.  They have mastered their singing voices and are very proud to share them!  They performed the story of the Three Bears in music.  Each character became the sound of an instrument.  The Bass Drum as Papa Bear was a favorite.




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