For Parents


School day:  7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday


Please call the school to report your child’s absence. Remember to send in a written excuse with your child when he/she returns to school. A written excuse is also required when your child is late.


Parent-teacher and student-led conferences will be scheduled during the year. All parents will have an opportunity to discuss their children’s progress with the teachers.

Early Dismissal

In case of early dismissal (doctor, dental appointment, etc.), please send a note to school indicating the day and time that you will be picking up your child. Please place the note in your child’s folder.

Children are only dismissed from the office and may not be picked up at the classroom door.

Report Cards

Report cards are distributed at conferences four times a year.

Change of Address or Contact Information

Please help DCS stay up to date with your family information. If you move and/or change telephone numbers, let the office know.

Dress Code

DCS students must comply with the school dress code at all times. Boys must wear navy blue pants and light blue  tops (shirts, polo shirts, turtlenecks). Girls must wear navy blue skirts -or pants- and light blue tops (blouses, shirts, turtlenecks). All students must wear predominantly black, navy blue or white sneakers or shoes. Plain navy or white crew socks must be worn at all times. Hair should be well groomed and off the face.

Snow Days and Other Emergencies

DCS will be closed when the Greece Central School District or the Rochester City School District is closed due to weather emergencies. Parents are advised to listen to the radio or watch local television updates to find out if schools are closed. Listings of school closings are broadcasted starting very early in the morning and repeated every few minutes.

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