What’s happening in 4th Grade?

In reading, students are focusing on reading texts from the non-fiction genre.  Students are learning strategies on how to navigate expository non-fiction and narrative non-fiction texts. They learned how to find the main idea and supporting details in a text through this genre as well as, the theme of the text.  They are reading about many famous people from our history, places, plants, and animals.


In writing, students are working on writing personal and persuasive essays.  They are learning how to generate ideas for an essay and make a plan to write the essay.  They have learned how to write a thesis statement and support it using reasons and examples.  They are writing about topics such as their families, friends, school, and much much more!


In science, the 4th grade has just finished a unit of study focusing on measuring matter.  Students explored various ways to measure matter and describe the physical properties and states of matter.  They participated in many labs such as making pancakes to learn about chemical changes in matter, making lemonade and snack mix to describe solutions and mixtures. Students also learned and participated in labs while learning how to measure volume and mass.


4th Grade Team

Mrs. Hoyt, Mrs. Amesbury and Ms. Poulos