Discovery Charter School was featured in the local media as a school that is ‘exceeding expectations’.

The article indicates how based on student assessments and parent reactions, the school’s methods are proving successful, making a ‘huge difference’ in the students.

“The school has a whole child and family focus, like we have in Head Start,” James Norman, president and CEO of Action for a Better Community said.  “Small class sizes and ancillary components like health and nutrition education, parenting classes, summer learning opportunities … are great complements to the traditional educational offerings.”

A proud parent of two DCS students declared in the interview that his kindergarten son was already reading at 1st grade level, and how his daughter had developed a new perspective on learning – She is a second-grader who was struggling at her previous school and now she had changed her attitude toward school, opened up and gets now excited about learning.

The reporter from the Messenger Post interviewed the school director, members of the board of trustees and parents whose children attend DCS. This article about the school was published by the papers on April 13.

Read the complete article here in The Penfield Post.